How to be more satisfied with your life ;)

Ever pondered to yourself why you just cant seem to be satisfied with anything in your life? Despite all your efforts, you just cant seem to find that spark – or it seems to be snuffed out in a matter of minutes or seconds?

Is there something bothering you? Keeping you awake at night? That you just cant seem to put your finger on? Let me provide you with the information you need and help put that smile back on your face and inside your brain!

Below I outline the main issues you will face today in your life that gradually take away the smile factor from your life.

  1. Having the “overly eventful lives of others” breathing down your neck when your thumb swipes your phone.hand-apple-iphone-smartphone

We live in a world where social media plays a massive part of our lives. We have become somewhat reliant on it to form new relationships and preserve the connections we have with out loved ones.





What we need to realize is that the events others share on social media is not (99% of the time) the life they live every minute of every day – what makes this worse is the amount of amazing things we see as a result of the large amount of people we are connected with. We are overindulged in a fake euphoria that blankets our souls and lowers our inhibitions

We are constantly bombarded with birthdays, weddings, funny videos, photos of unrealistically attractive individuals (lol) – all in a matter of seconds. Then, when its time to put the phone down, we forget about the fundamentals of communication and indulge in talking about these things with others (“did you see THAT on Facebook?”).

This reduces the smile factor significantly when faced with our grass roots communication interaction with other people. We often get a skewed perception of life as a result and blow things out of proportion, when in actuality they are simpler than we perceive them.

We lose the ability to hold a lengthy conversation outside the confines of our smartphones. Simple greetings become chores when having to use our mouths and our fingers remain still, in an anxious hand clasp on our legs.

There is a simple solution to the social media separatism – reduce the amount of time per day scrolling on Facebook, use only the messenger app if you must, to keep in touch with the ones you love and network with friends.

Apps such as Offtime and Break Free can be used to personally track and reduce the amount of time you spend using social media platforms, giving you the freedom to focus on what really matters in life; face to face human interactions. And. While you’re at it crack us a smile! 😉

Work in progress…to be continued. Preserve your happiness!


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